Retro Hex Mixed

Retro Hex Mixed

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Why can't beautiful reclaimed wood not be designed to create modern designs? Look no further as this mix of finishes creates a dramatic pattern that is sure to turn any wall into a centerpiece.  

Precision cut trapezoids are configured into a triangular tile with our custom double sided tape as a substitute for mesh. Simply pull the tape liner off (liner shown in red)  and place the tile in a desired location for a permanent reclaimed finish.

The Retro Hex surface design is created using 2  (A&B) matching tiles that are placed en-mass. All orders come supplied with installation and layout instructions.

Size: Equilateral triangle: Side Length 17 3/8" Area: .91 SQ.FT

Product ranges around 1/4" in thickness

Product is priced and sold by SQ.FT

Surface Sample Swatch